24-Hour Guide To Finding Your Perfect Blog Niche

 A blog is still a lucrative venture to go into in 2023 but your blog niche is very key in determining how far your blog can go.

 What is a niche

A niche is the subject of your blog. A niche is the blood of your blog, it is the oxygen of your blog. Your niche is what gives your blog meaning and purpose.

Why Your Blog Must Have A Niche 

  • A niche makes your blog to have a focus 
  • A niche makes Affiliate marketing easier 
  • It makes it easier to attract and retain an audience for your blog
  • It also makes it easier to attract readers interested in a particular subject from Google Search Engine 
  • Focusing on a particular niche makes it easier to build an authority blog which Google loves
  • It helps you focus on a subject you love and become an authority on it 

There are three ways to choose a niche 

1 Follow your passion

Do This To Pick Your Blog Niche In 24 Hours

A lot of people choose their niche by just following their passion. They believe that they can never get tired of writing topics on what they love doing. Someone who loves music will love to write about music continuously without getting tired of writing about music.

So a lot of people just feel it is the easiest way to just create a Blog that Focuses on the topic or topics on the passion or what they love doing but the challenge here is what you love doing many people may not be interested in Reading on that.

2 Let your niche find you

The other method to choose your niche is to let your niche find you. This method entails that you start a blog without choosing a particular niche and just flow with the rhythm, check what works, and in time you will find out what works and focus on whatever you think your readers want to read from you. 

This gives you room to make mistakes, it gives you room to learn along the way, and then narrow down on what is working for you. Fewer people use this method because most Blog Niche gurus always preach the gospel of selecting your niche before starting your blog. 

People are now learning to do it because it just gives you room to discover yourself and focus on what works.

3- Discover a blog niche in front of you 

Do This To Pick Your Blog Niche In 24 Hours
  • Take a pen and paper, move around your home and write down every product you see.  Make a list of them.
  • Cancel out products you can’t write about and don’t have an interest in.
  • Take a look at your search history on Google, YouTube and forums.  Find out the topics or products you have been searching for then cancel out those you can not write on for a long time.
  •  Narrow down to three options
  •  Out of the tree, pick the one you know you can write on for a long time
  • Pick out the one that has more products both digital and physical that you can write on to make money from.  That is another way you can pick your niche. 

What do I do if my niche is a popular niche? 

A lot of people want to know what happens if finally they selected a popular niche. This is the question that many bloggers ask. They want to know what they can do if their blog niche is one that is popular.  For instance, if they settle for popular blog niches like cooking,  personal finances, health and fitness. These blog niches are very popular and most people will tell you that they are saturated.

So because a lot of blog gurus preach against going after the big guns by selecting the niches that they have already selected and made a lot of money from, a lot of new bloggers get scared of getting into such war zones to fight the generals.

Niche down 

Now the solution to this is to niche down, for instance, if your passion and what you have selected to do is cooking, you need to leave the general cooking blog contents and get down to business by focusing on a particular section of cooking that is not perfectly covered by the big boys. Find a sub-niche in cooking and focus on that. 

You must understand that no blog, no matter how big, can completely cover every angle perfectly so you look at your own strength and focus on that. If you know that your strength is in a particular cuisine or in how to create spices, just focus on that and be the best at that.

This is how you create a kingdom for yourself! Ensure that you become the best in this sub-niche by creating articles that are different, unique with tables, experiment reports, charts etc.  This is how you can actually begin to rank on Google search engine faster. 

Because you have given your best in this particular sub-niche, Google will see you as the best in that sub-niche and project you to readers as an authority and this means massive traffic to your new blog. 

Examples of popular niches 

  1. How to make money online  
  2. Personal Finance
  3.  Health and Fitness 
  4. Food and Cooking
  5.  Beauty and Fashion
  6. Lifestyle
  7.  Personal Development 

Choosing a popular niche

An unpopular blog niche is a niche that is not in the above-mentioned niches. An unpopular niche is something you can get after you niche down from popular niches or something that no one is searching for online.

There are challenges in choosing an unpopular niche.  When choosing an unpopular niche, you must do keyword research. Keyword research is using Google search engines to check what people are actually searching for in your niche. you could also use tools like SEM Rush, Ahref, Ubersuggest, e t c to know the strengths of the keyword in the niche that you are going for.

If you don’t do keyword research, you just jump into writing content on an unpopular blog niche, you are going to face having a blog that nobody reads because no one is searching for what you are writing.

 If your content does not attract readers from Google or any other traffic source because no one is searching for it then you know you are not going to make money. The essence of starting a blog is for you to make money online while providing answers to the questions people are asking online. This is why you must be careful in choosing your blog niche .

Do This To Pick Your Blog Niche In 24 Hours

Examples of niches to consider

  • Sewing and Knitting/Crotchet – The niche has a large audience online 
  •  Drones-  this one has a lot of affiliates marketing opportunities, eBook, and also products to review 
  • Baby products review 
  •  Home Decor
  • DIY – Do It Yourself
  • Crafts
  • Parenting
  • Alternative Education
  • Being a stay-at-home mom
  • Working from home 
  • Pregnancy
  • Writing/Freelance 
  • Financial/How to save money/Frugal living
  • Gardening
  • Off-road

Factors to consider when settling for a niche

  • If you have decided to settle for a popular niche, you must consider the fact that you have to work harder than your competitors, you have to find a way to be extremely outstanding to stand out from the crowd.  Learn how to beat your competitors at their own game. 
  • If you have decided to settle for a niche that you are passionate about, you must confirm that the niche is lucrative enough for you to make money from.
  • If you have narrowed down your niche then you must confirm that the niche has a large following that can give you enough traffic to make money from,  you must also ensure that the niche has products that you can review and affiliate opportunities. 

It is worth mentioning that you don’t need to be an expert before you start a niche blog, all you need to know is a few things your readers don’t know and you’re good to go.  The internet is filled with a lot of beginners who are searching for beginner information if you are better than them…. you are good.

Do This To Pick Your Blog Niche In 24 Hours

For instance, if you want to focus on the cooking niche,  just know a few things about cooking then learn along the way. To become an authority in a niche site, you have to be an avid reader, you must love researching and you must be good at communicating your ideas to your audience.  Once you have these skills, you’re good to go. Start your lovely niche blog and make money from it.  

By Paschal Chikero

I am a Content Writer with over two decades of experience. I have written four books and created four blogs .


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