7 Basic Ways To Turn Your Marriage Into A Living Hell 

7 Ways To Turn Your Marriage Into A Living Hell
7 Ways To Turn Your Marriage Into A Living Hell

When I was getting married 12 years ago, my father gave me the most profound marriage advice. After the wedding ceremony, he told me there is nothing like a “happy marriage” you only have a “successful marriage”. 

My father was trying to tell me, don’t expect every day in the marriage to be blissful! 

7 Ways To Turn Your Marriage Into A Living Hell

I didn’t have time to really date my wife, so I entered the marriage with faith, believing that my marriage will be sweet every day but the fact is, there are days that we feel like not talking to each other. 

In twelve years I learned that for a marriage to be successful, it takes the conscious efforts of the two partners. 

From experience, I want to treat 7 things you can start doing to turn your marriage into a living hell.

7 ways to turn your marriage into a living hell

  • Nag always 
  • Don’t communicate with your partner
  • Make your phone your best friend 
  • Never speak your partner’s love language
  • Give your ear time to bad friends and family members
  • Always bring home office work 
  • Avoid having sex with your partner 

Nag Always 

7 Ways To Turn Your Marriage Into A Living Hell

A nagging partner is the devil in the relationship because the person is constantly pointing an accusing finger at everyone else except himself or herself. 

A nagging wife or husband will make the home a very toxic environment for the other partner without solving the problems he or she is nagging about.

If your intention is to destroy your marriage, my dear, the first thing you need to start doing is nag about everything and everybody around you in the house. 

With time your partner will naturally start avoiding you, and start drinking too much so as to come back home in a state that your rants won’t affect him…. this is the beginning of the end of the marriage! 

Some men who drink too much say they do so because they need something to keep them busy outside the home because they want to get home late at night when their wife has slept or is sleepy. 

Don’t Communicate with your partner 

Communication is oral intercourse between two people. Communication enables you to transfer your thought and feeling to someone else. In a marriage, communication is key because that is the bridge between two minds with different histories and formats.

Communication in marriage helps to create a good atmosphere for the partners to share anything. It also helps in building trust and bonding.

If you want to turn your marriage into hell, take away communication with your partner, and never engage in any meaningful communication. 

The result? You and your partner will become strangers living under the same roof! 

Make your phone your best friend 

7 Ways To Turn Your Marriage Into A Living Hell

Another way to turn your marriage into hell is to make your mobile phone your best friend. A lot of people spend all their free time on their mobile phones, consuming social media content. 

This is a recipe for doom. Marriage counselors have revealed that 30% of divorces are caused by addiction to mobile phones.

Kang Lanying, a marriage conflict resolution expert in Wuhan (China), said: “Instead of talking to colleagues, doing housework or educating children, we are spending too much time trying to use the phone, and this has caused couples to have conflicts.”

The use of mobile phones has come between couples, this addiction has stolen couples’ bonding time in many marriages. 

Make your mobile phone the most important device in your home, when your partner comes home or when you get home from work, get busy on your phone…. You will destroy your marriage faster. You can thank me later. 

Never speak your partner’s love language 

Never speaking your partner’s love language is the fastest way to frustrate him or her. There are five major love languages, they are: 

  1. Love language #1: Words of affirmation. …
  2. Love language #2: Acts of service. …
  3. Love language #3: Gifts. …
  4. Love language #4: Quality time. …
  5. Love language #5: Physical touch.

There are a lot of marriages that are filled with frustrations because the partners either don’t know each other’s love language or have refused to speak them. This is why communication is key in marriage. If you talk to each other constantly, you will be able to share your feelings and address emotional needs that have been neglected.

According to a study by YouGo.com, the top love languages are quality time and physical touch.

Top way to receive loveU.S. adult citizensMen under 45Men 45 and overWomen under 45Women 45 and over
Quality time3836294144
Physical touch2429371715
Words of affirmation1912202024
Acts of service1312121314
Gift giving7113103

Starve your partner of his or her love language and see him or her start looking outside to get it. 

Give your bad friends and family members your ear time 

Your ear time in this context means who has your ear when you need advice or who in your circle shapes your opinion on things. 

If you are tired of your lovely marriage and you want to turn it into a living hell, give your ear time to your bad friends and bad family members, they will help you turn into a beast!

Most marriage crashes especially in Africa are caused by external influence. In Africa, the extended family remains an integral part of a new marriage so they have a huge influence on it. 

If you are looking for how to destroy your marriage, find those wicked friends, sisters, parents, and brothers who can give you bad ideas on how to make your partner suffer in your house. 

This is one of the easiest ways to turn your marriage into hell because these people will help fight and execute your evil plans. 

Always bring office work home

Bringing office work home

Bringing home office work is a home wrecker! It steals couple bonding time. If your dream is to shatter your marriage, always take office work home. Never give your partner quality time when you get home. Working from home should be a strategy to destroy your relationship.

Avoid intercourse with your partner 

Lack of sex in a relationship is like a bomb, it will wreck a lot of things. Sex-starved partners turn into cheats and sometimes become abusive. 

7 Ways To Turn Your Marriage Into A Living Hell

It can create a feeling of resentment. It also leads to decreased intimacy and connection. A union that lacks intimacy and connection is no union. 

If you want your home to crash into a rock, in all your doing, avoid sexual intercourse with your partner. Starve him or her, make your partner feel he or she can’t get what he or she owns then you will understand how an angry dog on a leash feels when it can’t get the attention it needs. 


It is easier to wreck a home than it is to build a lovely home. You now have 7 powerful weapons to destroy your home but remember that a wrecked home affects a lot more than just both of you. A broken home with kids will definitely affect the lives of the children. 

It is better you fight to keep your home than unleash these 7 weapons on your partner. 

Love is not a feeling, it is commitment!

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