7 Easy Things I Do To Enjoy Meditation 

For a long time, I struggled to enjoy mediation!

It was war trying to force my mind to focus on visualizing the great life I want .

Having heard of the power of meditation after watching dozens of YouTube videos on how people used the secrets of Law of Attraction and visualization to attract the wonderful life they want,

The mental battle to get my mind to do my bidding always ended in frustration. 

 I wanted that for myself, so I started my meditation journey but after several trials, it was like my mind was against my mission.

It was stubborn to control . A Hurricane you can’t tame .

This frustrated me and always left me with bad feelings, at a point I quit trying .

When my finances was shattering, I remembered the lessons I learned from YouTube teachers like   on Law of Attraction .

I resumed . This time, after trying to focus my mind on what I want, I found out after an hour that I slept off!

Ahhhhhhhhh! What’s wrong with me, I wondered .

But my meditation game went up 10X when I learned these methods . 

How to drastically improve your meditation game 

1- Sit still with a straight back 

“Be still and know that I am God” that’s a quote from the Bible . Being still is very important in meditation. 

Also ensure that you are sitting straight or sitting with your back leaning against the wall in a straight form. 

This helps align your shakra and make you feel the seriousness of the job at hand . 

2- Close your eyes and relax your body 

You need to shut the door of distraction by closing your eyes .

Relax your body. Ensure there are no pressured joint or part of your body ….. be totally free from stress .

3- Take 7 deep breathes  

Taking deep breaths is a key component of the process of stilling your mind .

Taking in fresh Oxygen calms you down . 

4- Like a smoker, hold the breath for 20-30 seconds 

Hold your breath for 20 to 30 seconds or more if you can . This enables the Oxygen work its magic . It also slows down your breathing rate. 

5- Exhale from your mouth after 20-30 seconds 

Breath out slowly from your mouth . Feel the air come out of your body. Imagine your problems coming out with it . 

6- Allow your thoughts to flow without interrupting it. Be an observer .

After taking at least 7 breaths and exhaling, become an obvserver to your thoughts . 

This was a game changer for me . In the past, I was trying to force my mind to imagine what I want, it NEVER worked! 

When I learned how to be an observer, like an onlooker watching kids play on the streets, everything changed . 

I realized I could meditate for a long time without knowing how long I have gone. It was easier for me to visualize my dreams . 

7 – Rinse and repeat ….. thank me later .


The Benefits I Got From Continues Enjoyed Meditation:

* Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations

* Building skills to manage your stress

* Increasing self-awareness

* Focusing on the present

* Reducing negative emotions

* Increasing imagination and creativity

* Increasing patience and tolerance

* Lowering resting heart rate

* Lowering resting blood pressure

* Improving sleep quality

* Manifestation of my heart desires .

With that in mind, some research suggests that meditation may help people manage symptoms of conditions such as:

* Anxiety

* Asthma

* Cancer

* Chronic pain

* Depression

* Heart disease

* High blood pressure

* Irritable bowel syndrome

* Sleep problems

* Tension headaches


Meditation when properly done is very enjoyable and life changing.