asari dokubo

Rowland Okorie the Equity Concept CEO, lashed out at Asari Dokubo, he went further to say Asari is not a deal maker but loves his deal of $10 Million annually with the corrupt Nigerian Government though he added.
The Corrupt Nigerian Government are blind but when it is an Igbo man they pounce on him and shout we must lock him up. It’s only good when they do it he cries. Imagine, they are locking up an Igbo titled chief in Lagos just because of what he said.
The main culprits who have been calling for the annihilation of an Igbo man if he shows up to cast his vote, his civic responsibility, are walking freely and making millions of naira every day. This is the greatest attack on Igbos since after the civil war, he continued.

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu never brandishes guns around and has not ordered the killing of any tribe in his entire life. Mazi is innocent he said, he has not done close to any of what they are doing.
Once again, a selective target to an Igbo man. How justice is selective he asked. I think if Nigeria truly wants to be a nation respected. like back in the day. First, we must let Mazi alone he has no wrongdoing. I used to love Asari he said, I thought he was going to be against the corrupt Nigerian government as a strong man I assume he claims. He is a supporter of a criminally selected man linked to drugs. I know that is what Asari stands for, but Nigeria is about to experience a dark age government. I am angry he said the way they run the country and government and for four decades I have been watching am fed up. He cries.


Asari is not a deal-maker he would have become a greater hero and all his evil in Nigeria would have been forgotten if he had done one thing. He would have formed an ally and he would have been more powerful if he had put aside whatever issues he had with Mazi. He cannot tell me he hates Igbos with passion like that. He cannot also tell me he is closer to the west and north either. The biggest history he would have created for himself was to fight for Mazi’s freedom but he failed therefore he does not earn my respect. This would have been his greatest achievement.

Atedo Peterside is a man of integrity I call him. Men with such intellectual capacity are not easily found in Nigeria he is so deep in every breakdown and explanation even better than our corrupt so-called lawyers. I think he deserves to lead and I will endorse him whenever. Asari Choose to be a whole owner of an ant than a part owner of an elephant/ He limited himself to his community and rivers state but he would have become an empire if he has embarrassed his Igbo brothers. I do not blame him anyways he is an African man with selfishness imbibed in him. The Nigerian corrupt government needs to come out and tell the Igbo man his legal status in the country he concludes.
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asari dokubo