Change Your Life With Hate

Hate can be life-changing if you understand how to utilize it.

People put a lot of focus on passion as the indicator of what your calling or a destiny is but not much is said about hate.

Hate is the bitterness in your tongue when you eat something you don’t like.

It could be a life map that shows you where you should NEVER go to.

While I was working at different companies, I was owed for most of the 10 years. I felt how disastrous it could be to be owed your monthly salary.

Sometimes I could be owed 3 months’ salary at a stretch!

I just became a new father. It was hard to provide for my family.

The hate for working for someone else who might not pay or pay me well made me start my own media company.

My life skyrocketed to where I am now from that moment.


1- Study your hate

Use the HATE of where you live, HATE of what you do, HATE of your environment, HATE of your situation, and all the HATEful things around you, as the fuel for your greatness!

You need to write down every hate feeling you get. What are the things you hate seeing or doing?

Write them down. Study them .

Find out why you hate them.

Ask yourself what you can do to avoid the feeling. When you find the solution, do number 2.

2- Let your hate for something spur you on

Athletes hate to lose. You can see how full grown men and women shed tears at the feet of defeat .

The hate for this feeling makes them do the unthinkable during training sessions in preparation for a game.

What experience do you loathe?

Do you hate your financial status?

That feeling is there to push you to do the impossible that will take you out of that level of life.

Tom Brady’s hate for failure makes him embark on a tough lifestyle.

His diet is 20 percent acidic and 80 percent alkaline, and during the summer months, he mainly subsists on raw foods such as tofu, lentils, veggies, and sprouted grains. He also claims to drink 12 to 25 glasses of water EVERY DAY

3- Make Hate your Guardian Angel

While you are working on your solution, NEVER forget hate.

Absorb the fear that it triggers in you. Take that feeling as your guardian angel that guides and motivates you to do more.

This is meant to keep you on your toes. The hate should never be commonalized, let it keep you focused on the goal ahead…

“Never to be poor again”.

Make hate for your present experience your boss, let it be the head hunter that drives you to great achievements.

The hate for failure makes Cristiano Ronaldo spend 3–4 hours inside the gym daily. Trains for 3–4 hours, five days per week, aiming at different muscle groups for each day.

Something unusual in Ronaldo’s fitness regime is that he does not sleep for the traditional eight hours a day.

Instead, he chooses to take five 90-minute naps a day.

4- Patience

If you know that what you are passing through today is the price for a better tomorrow, your perspective of patience will change.

As you put in the work, think like a farmer who does all the work without any sign of progress in the beginning and without worrying, his mindset is different, he knows that the season of harvest will come in its time and what he does now will determine the level of harvest.

That mindset is a game-changer!

How not to use hate :

Do not use hate to perpetuate what you hate. Some folks engage in the same thing they hate like those who hate that their loved one was killed, they go after their killers to avenge their death.

But, you should fight to ensure that what you hate doesn’t happen to other people.

For instance, people create foundations because a disease killed one of their loved ones. They use their hate to create a better society for others.

Don’t let hate turn you into a monster .

You must not become a rapist because you hate that you always get rejected by ladies or become mean to others because no one shows love.

Let the feeling make you work on becoming a better person. Give love to others so yours will be nourished.

I hated my current existence, I think people don’t hate their current existence enough.

You either really have to believe that this thing is going to happen or you really have to know that your life sucks.

If you don’t know the inputs that will get the output then what are you doing?

If you are angry, use it. If you are sad, use it or it uses you- Alex Hormozi


Hate for poverty, failure, rejection, or anything a human being can hate should be channeled properly to achieve a positive lifestyle.

Thanks for reading, please me for more articles like this.

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