Using ChatGPT As A Blogger: 10 Reasons Not To In 2023

Using ChatGPT As A Blogger

Using ChatGPT as a blogger is dangerous because it is a language model trained on a large database of texts which it uses to create content without making it original.

This could cause a lot of problems for you as a blogger as your content in time will be flagged by Google and other search engines as AI-generated content. 

ChatGPT could generate inaccurate articles filled with information that is misleading, this is because it lacks the capacity to generate content with updated information.

Below are 10 reasons using ChatGPT as a blogger is dangerous.

  1. Plagiarism
  2. Misinformation
  3. Lack of originality
  4. Limited understanding
  5. Language bias
  6. Blogger Dependency
  7. Lack of critical thinking
  8. Lack of personal voice
  9. Quality of output
  10. Legal issues
Using ChatGPT As A Blogger


If a writer uses ChatGPT to generate text without proper attribution, it could be considered plagiarism.

ChatGPT cannot be original in content production. The fact that ChatGPT generates content from originally available content online makes it extremely dangerous for a content creator to use it to generate blog content and paste it on his website and feel that it will rank. 

Google search engine will definitely de-rank any site that is filled with articles generated from ChatGPT because it does not add any value online, it looks like something a robot produced. This will also create plagiarism issues.

Google search engine has been optimized to know when content is lifted from another online platform. Google is heavily against copywriting violations. 


If a writer uses ChatGPT to produce inaccurate or misleading content, it could spread misinformation.

It is dangerous to use ChatGPT because it is not equipped with updated information on topics. I wanted to test the capacity of Artificial Intelligence so I asked it to generate content on a topic for me, I discovered that it is not actually correct in everything it produces. The platform is still underdeveloped and is still inadequate in providing updated information in the articles it regenerates.

 So when a content creator uses the chatbot to write something and just posts it without cross-checking, you could be distributing the wrong information to your readers.  For instance, I asked chatGPT to write an article for me on a particular topic, and after I discovered that the information it gave me where information from before 2021!  

Then I did a little research and found out that ChatGPT’s founders themselves said the AI only has information from 2021 down, this makes it very dangerous for a blogger to use ChatGPT. 

Lack of originality

Using ChatGPT As A Blogger

 If writers rely heavily on ChatGPT, their work may lack originality and creativity. It doesn’t have the ability to add human experience to your articles. Google promotes articles with E.A.T ( Expertise, Authority, and Trust). Google wants to put forward content from experts in a niche, writers who have shown that they are an authority in their field, and creators who it can trust the information they publish. One of the dangers of using ChatGPT is that it can not give you any of the above-mentioned. 

ChatGPT is Google’s first competitor, Google, a platform that promotes blog content, can not sit and watch them destroy its market so it will have to ensure that ChatGPT-generated content is de-ranked.

Limited understanding

 Another danger of using ChatGPT is it is a machine and may not fully understand the context or implications of the text it generates. This is another reason using ChatGPT is dangerous for content creators, a machine can never completely understand what the human intends to achieve when he gives it commands so without adding your human touch the content will still lack dept! 

Language bias: 

ChatGPT is trained on a database of text which may contain language bias and perpetuate stereotypes and discrimination.


 Dependency is another danger of using ChatGPT as a blogger.  It would be dangerous for writers to depend on ChatGPT because it will make them become dependent on the platform.

Writers who do so may become too dependent on ChatGPT and lose the ability to write without its assistance.

 Once this happens, AI has taken over the jobs of all writers in the world which is a very dangerous thing to think of.

Lack of critical thinking 

Using ChatGPT As A Blogger

ChatGPT can only generate text based on the information it has been trained on, it can not apply critical thinking and analysis. The writer who depends on ChatGPT will regret it because the platform cannot analyze information, it only generates articles that are based on the information it has been trained on so it doesn’t have the brain to analyze information and give you advice or give you an opinion or give you an idea of what you should do. It does not have the logical thinking ability to help any human being make a decision. The danger of using ChatGPT is your readers will only consume information without any direction which is not what a blog should be.

Lack of personal voice

The 8th danger of using ChatGPT as a blogger is, the chatbot can not infuse a human voice and unique perspective into the text it generates. Even machines can not give what they don’t have. ChatGPT is not human so it can not behave like a human being. 

Quality of output

The quality of the text generated by ChatGPT can vary, and may not always be suitable for professional use.

Legal issues

 Using ChatGPT as a blogger to generate content for commercial purposes may violate copyright laws and can lead to legal issues. 

With the popularity of chatbots, a lot of people will begin to find ways to link their content to ChatGPT-generated articles.  This will present another season of legal wars and article de-ranking by search engines and advertisers who wouldn’t want to be involved in legal issues. 

 These platforms will not want to promote your content because they believe it could give them legal problems. For instance, a lot of images from Photography companies like GettyImage are always reported for illegal use. Google will kind of tell you the content has been reported for copyright violation. Another example is the use of background songs in YouTube videos. YouTube will inform you of the violation and advise you to delete the content. 


Using ChatGPT as a blogger to produce a full article will make Google and other search engines flag your content. 

A lot of bloggers are using ChatGPT to mass produce content at the moment and may be also making money but you can bet that in the nearest future, Google will come after them and dump their content into the abyss! 

You don’t want to have that experience so keep doing the work. You can use ChatGPT to generate blog ideas but ensure you do the writing yourself. This may sound like crazy advice now but in the future, you will find out that it is prophetic.

By Paschal Chikero

I am a Content Writer with over two decades of experience. I have written four books and created four blogs .

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